Annual Subs and Match Fees

For the 2014/15 season, the following Annual Subs and Match Fees applied. Any questions please speak to your Team Captain or Club Chairman Gwynne Goodfield.  

Category Description Annual Subs 2014/15 Match Fees 2014/15
Adult Male Tier 1 Adult £120.00 £10.00
Adult Male Tier 2 Over 18 Unwaged £60.00 £6.00
Junior Tier 1 Junior Playing Adult Hockey £95.00 £6.00
Junior Tier 2 Junior Not Playing Adult Hockey £75.00 £5.00
Junior Tier 3 Under 10s £60.00 £3.00


The following membership discounts apply to Youth Category only.  Second child 25% discount, Third child 40% discount. Additional children free.  If you have trouble in meeting the cost of taking part please contact Gwynne Goodfield who will consider the support the club may be able to offer.

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